Just Beat It! Watch a Hollander Paper Beater in Action

hollander beater equipment for hand papermaking handmade paper

Mesmerizing, right? Hollander Beaters are handy machines that turn rags and fibers into pulp, pulp that is used to make handmade paper.


Generally, there is an ovoid tub where water and your papermaking fiber travels around. Hidden under the round-ish cover is a roll with blades. As a motor turns the roll, the fibers are beaten between the blades and a bed plate that sits underneath the roll.

A Hollander Beater’s main purpose isn’t just to cut fibers, but to macerate and fibrillate fibers, promoting more surface area for fibers to bond together during the hand papermaking process.


First developed by the Dutch in the late 1600s, nowadays you can either find them used, or purchase new from folks who build papermaking equipment for small studios.


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P.S. The Hollander Beater shown is a used laboratory beater by Noble & Wood. Solid cast iron and the perfect little studio monster!


8 thoughts on “Just Beat It! Watch a Hollander Paper Beater in Action

  1. Hello,
    How are you? Thought I’d chime in with another source for hollander beaters. Mark Belair at http://www.dejavulab.com in Canada is wonderful source. He repaired and then made better my ’62 Valley bedplate. Worth a search if searching.

    By the way demonstrating at Fabriano was indeed a mountain top experience! Longing to be there now.

    Keep it coming on. Jocelyn

    • Hi Jocelyn, Hope you are well! Thanks for the beater tip, that’s great to know – I just added it to the list. Fabriano sounds lovely, – May

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  3. Within the next year or so I may need to sell my valley hollander beater. It is in very good condition. I am still using it. Could someone please give me an idea of the best price I might expect. Thanks.

  4. Hi I”m new to paper making and can use some advise and help.
    I”ve found it very hard to find cotton rags to make pulp, BUT I did think of using cotton upholstery batting, the problem is it clogs up my blender into a big clump. I tried cutting up the batting, didn’t help much. Any advise? or is this stuff just unusable? And why? Has anyone used this stuff with any success?

    • Hi Mark, I would try cutting up into postage size bits, and also boiling or soaking in water for a few week to help break down the fiber. Also, try a smaller load. Happy papermaking!
      – May

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