Dard Hunter Paper Mill at Gomez Mill House

Gomez Mill House - Dard Hunter Mill

Tucked away in upstate New York, off busy Route 9W, there’s a little nook next to a stream. Quiet, peaceful, and green, this happens to be a site of interest to hand papermakers.

gomez mill house

Gomez Mill House has had a long history. Built in the 1600s, the house has been home to revolutionaries and social activists—but we’re interested in Dard Hunter. Dard who? A hunter?

Dard Hunter was an Arts and Crafts artisan, paper researcher and historian, and is a figure to know in the history of hand papermaking in America.

dard hunter paper mill in new york

Gomez Mill House was home to the Hunter family for during the 1910s, and thus, there are many items at the house for the curious papermaker to see.

Most notable is a mill with a thatched roof (snug, and still no leaks) and water wheel. A sort of man cave, or better yet, paper cave, you’ll find a Hollander Beater hooked up to the water wheel. The wheel itself only worked when the stream was high enough. Also in the building is a press that still works.

dard hunter hollander beater dard hunter hollander beater rags for papermaking, handmade paper

paper watermark paper watermark

In the house, there are two Dard Hunter books on display, and quite a few watermarks.

The kitchen and other rooms have original furniture — and many interesting historical characters have lived in the house over the centuries.

Worth a road trip!

More reading:

  • More information on visiting and the house on the Gomez Mill House website.
  • The Friends of Dard Hunter is a non-profit organization honoring the life and work of Dard Hunter, and is an organization for those passionate about paper.

More about Dard Hunter on the Dard Hunter Studios website.


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