Stop the Presses! It’s Community Supported Paper at Fresh Press

Fibers by Fresh Press, handmade paper in Illinois

What if handmade paper was at the farmer’s market, along with your favorite tomatoes and freshly baked loaf? Or, maybe there’s a snazzy notebook made from prairie grass paper in your CSA box.

You’re not daydreaming—community supported paper is a reality, thanks to Fiber by Fresh Press.

What is Fresh Press?

Fresh Press is a hand papermaking studio at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Founded by Eric Benson and Steve Kostell in 2012, this microbrewery of paper researches agri-waste fibers for possible use at the commercial scale (read this overview here).

Fresh Press, handmade paper posterHand papermaking from farm and agricultural plants at Fresh Press

Driving on the highway through the center of Illinois, through blurry stretches of cornfields, the idea of using farm fiber starts to make sense. Fresh Press experiments with farm fibers such as cornstalks and eggplant vines, instead of forests, opening up the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help American farmers.

Fiber by Fresh Press

Fiber by Fresh Press is the newest project stemming from their mission.

You might already be familiar with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), an alternative economic system for local food distribution (individuals subscribe for a share of the farm harvest, and then receive yummy fresh food at regular intervals).

Take the same idea, but replace the food with handmade paper made from nearby soy stalks, tomato vines, prairie grasses, and recycled paper scrap.

Fibers by Fresh Press, hand made papers

Currently, Fiber by Fresh Press offers drawing papers, notebooks, and sketchbooks, packaged for students and professors on campus (they hope to expand the project to the public soon). The papermakers are students at the University of Illinois who also grow and harvest the plants at the Student Sustainable Farm.

The Studio

Serendipitously, I had a chance to stop by the studio to meet co-founder Eric Benson and also Natalie Smith, the Fresh Press studio manager. They were kind enough to give me a tour, take a peek through the flat files, and poke around the farm.

Handmade paper at Fresh Press

Fresh Press papermaking studio flat filesHandmade paper by Fresh Press Fresh Press at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne

The papermaking studio is nicely outfitted with a David Reina Hollander Beater, hydraulic press, and an enviable group of moulds and deckles.

Fresh Press Papermaking Studio, moulds and deckles, Reina Hollander Paper Beater, Hydraulic Paper Press

Student Sustainable Farm

Student Sustainable Farm

Imagine having this alternative for buying paper—a delivery of art papers and journals from your local hand papermaker. Excited yet?

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***3/2017 Update! You can now order a paper share from Fresh Press:

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  1. i live in wheat farming country and know some farmers who sell wheat straw in the winter. during the summer, the unfarmed fields around us are also filled with prairie grass and various other plants. i need to do some experiments with this concept, using these as my medium. if this group learned how to do it, so can i.

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