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When you first saw handmade paper, you were instantly obsessed with it…beautiful, rebellious, soulful, and lightyears away from office paper.

Could you starting making your own papers? But how on earth do you make it? And what are other folks doing out there?

You’re someone who wants to know about it all.

May Babcock - Artist, Paperslurry

Hi, I’m May Babcock. Photo credit:Trailing Twine Photography. That’s Boca the dog, too.

I am a millennial. Sorry makers-of-things-by-hand….but I love the internet (ironically). And when I first started making paper, I hated how even a Google search for “pulp painting” gave me next to zero information. Where was everybody?

But hand papermaking was AMAZING.

I felt the internet world needed to know how amazing it was, and so I started Paperslurry.com to share what I learned along the way, and to help fill the online gap. I started creating original tutorials, infographics, and articles about artists and projects that I found exciting.

There HAD to be more people just like me, who were starting out and who wanted to learn more. Paperslurry is something that I wish I had as a beginner — and I’m happy that it can be that place for you.

Discovering hand papermaking was transformative for my own artwork, and I knew more people could also connect with the process.

My first experience with papermaking was in Baton Rouge, where another graduate student was constantly working with some gloppy, pulp stuff. Irritated, I finally asked what in the world she was doing. So, we did a collaborative paper woodcut together, and from there, you could say, it was history.

Now, I’m annoyingly passionate about hand papermaking, and continue to innovate and experiment in my paper studio. I also love to teach papermaking workshops.

And nowadays, Paperslurry serves as a resource for anyone looking for more information about hand papermaking, with people contacting me from all over the world.

We’re all learning here

And guess what — Paperslurry offers a whole group of tutorials to help get you started. Here’s a list of the most popular beginner articles:


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Keep it real,
– May Babcock





May Babcock is an artist and self-proclaimed paper geek hailing from the great Providence, Rhode Island. Stalk her artist website and blog to see how she makes art with papermaking and printmaking. In her off time, she enjoys being a freelance graphic designer. 


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