Papermaking in Detroit: The Invasive Paper Project by Megan Heeres

Invasive Paper Project by Meg Heeres

Participant at ‘The More We Get Together’,
Artist with gallery visitor at the hand-papermaking station, 2015

What’s currently topical in the handmade paper world? Projects and artists that explore alternative, local fibers for papermaking. These are paper projects that often connect with broader circles, from community organizations to environmental agencies.

Whether it’s recycled paper scrap, agri-fiber waste, banana trunks, or invasive seaweed, over here at Paperslurry we’ll be exploring a few of our favorite ventures. You may have seen Jane Kramer’s Foreshadowing series, and today let’s take a quick peek at The Invasive Paper Project, which also works with invasive plant fibers.

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Performance, Handmade Paper, and Language: Soliloquy in English by Patrick Blenkarn


Hand papermaking allows an artist to take ownership of their materials. Choosing a fiber for paper pulp, making handmade paper, creating the final form—papermaking is a mutable art medium that allows for a multitude of options. When used in interdisciplinary manner, the process can be a way to add context, content, and meaning to an art piece.

Patrick Blenkarn is a Canadian artist based in Vancouver who recently created Soliloquy in English, a performance piece about English as a second language. It uses a rich combination of materials: words spoken aloud, a book containing varied experiences, and paper handmade from a secondhand dictionary.

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Money! Paper! Let’s Visit the Crane Museum

paper, papermaking, paper money, crane paper

How does that crumpled twenty bucks survives the terrors of the washing machine, while your grocery list disintegrates into oddly shaped white fluff in your pant pocket?

To answer these paper thoughts, let’s take a short internet tour of the Crane Museum, and spend a moment with the intrigues behind the paper made for United States currency.

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Stare at This Handmade Paper Watermark (Animated GIF)

Handmade paper watermark

Elusive, mysterious, surprising. Watermarks can be an art form, a papermaker’s mark, security method, or design effect unique to paper.

Regardless of purpose, it’s an eye-widening moment when you hold a deceptively blank sheet of paper to light and a hidden image suddenly appears.

How does this work?

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The Papermaker’s Bookshelf: 4 Great Resources for Your Studio

Hand papermaking books

While the internet is full of eye-catching papermaking videos and illustrative blog posts, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin. One great way to switch up your research routine is to turn to the classic standby–a good old fashioned book!

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