A Dynamo of Papermaking: Studio Tour of the Morgan Conservatory

Morgan Conservatory Paper

Hand papermaking is certainly a strange duck. It’s simultaneously a tradition that is thousands of years old, yet artists today are just at the beginning of expanding creative papermaking techniques, and combining the medium with other art processes.

Well, who’s out there preserving tradition AND driving experimentation? A must-know organization is the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory & Educational Foundation, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hold onto your seats, because we’re going on a virtual studio tour!

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Stop the Presses! It’s Community Supported Paper at Fresh Press

Fibers by Fresh Press, handmade paper in Illinois

What if handmade paper was at the farmer’s market, along with your favorite tomatoes and freshly baked loaf? Or, maybe there’s a snazzy notebook made from prairie grass paper in your CSA box.

You’re not daydreaming—community supported paper is a reality, thanks to Fiber by Fresh Press.

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Inside Edgewood College’s Paper Studio: Handmade Paper’s Role in Art Therapy

Edgewood College Papermaking Studio, Madison Wisconsin

Hand papermaking’s tactile, experimental nature lends itself to applications in a variety of settings. The possibilities are seemingly infinite with potential for sculpture, wet media, book arts, and drawing (just to name a few).

At Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin, art therapy students are sharing papermaking with the community through their outreach programs. Click through for the full story!

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Women’s Studio Workshop: Innovators in Papermaking, Book Arts & More

Women's Studio Workshop

Papermaking as fine art is a new, growing seedling compared to the long history that painting, sculpture, or even photography has.

So. Who are the innovators driving contemporary hand papermaking practices?

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Hand Papermaking in Mexico: Amate Paper & Traditional Mayan Techniques

Amate hand papermaking - traditional handmade paper in Mexico

Julio Chichicaxtle, paper artist, pounding the amate fibres.

The following hand papermaking journey is a guest post by Heather Matthew, who traveled to Mexico to learn about amate paper.

A papermaker, printmaker, and artist living in northern New South Wales, Australia, Heather visited a traditional amate papermaker and several other hand papermaking studios in Mexico.

Amate paper is a pre-Columbian, indigenous papermaking tradition that survives in the small village of San Pablito.

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A Map for Hand Papermaking

handpapermakingmapLet’s face it, professional hand papermaking equipment can be expensive. And, it can be tricky to easily find your local papermaking workshops, makers, and educators if you’re new to the scene.

So, in an effort to connect, grow, and promote hand papermaking, and with the assistance of light roast coffee, I’ve compiled a map via Google Maps.

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Meet Porridge Papers! A Nebraska Papermill & Letterpress Studio


You do what? Make paper…by hand?

It’s rare to meet a hand papermaker in daily interactions, but perhaps not so rare in Lincoln, Nebraska where Porridge Papers makes its home.

Part paper mill, part letterpress studio, Porridge Papers is the brainchild of founder and owner Christopher James. What do they do? For 20 years, they’ve been in the business of making handmade paper from 100% waste paper scrap.

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