Rags Make Paper (A Poem about Paper)

Back in day (well, in eighteenth century Europe) your average piece of paper was made from cloth rags, not trees. A growing printing industry gave rise to an increased demand for paper, and thus, obtaining rags was crucial for the making of money, newspapers, broadsides, and books, to name a few items.

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Keep Track of Your Handmade Paper (Free Printable Recipe Sheet)

Handmade Paper Data Sheet - Paperslurry.com
If you make handmade paper, teach workshops or classes, or have a papermaking studio, then you will find this resource handy – a paper recipe data sheet. It’s a place to record information about each step of your process.

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Hand Papermaking with Plants (Illustrated Infographic)

Hand Papermaking with Plants - Infographic & Process - Paperslurry.comIf you ask someone what paper is made of, most would immediately say trees. However, with the hand papermaking process, you can use other plant fibers to make an incredible range of handmade papers. Check out this handy infographic (not quite a tutorial, but you’ll get the general idea).

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Shameless Hand Papermaking Propaganda

Yep, it’s a shameless propaganda poster for the hand papermaking cause.

Make handmade paper today!

Make Paper, Not War

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Want more paper-making-brainwashing? Here you go:



Make Paper. Literally. (A handy illustration of the hand papermaking process)

Making handmade paper - the hand papermaking processSo…how exactly does one go about making handmade paper? Take a look at this illustrated summary of the hand papermaking process. Though not quite a tutorial, the hope is that you’ll gain a sense of how hand papermakers, paper artists, and yes, how you too can create paper out of cloth rags, plants (not wood or trees), and recycled paper scraps.

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