Art, Handmade Paper, Invasive Plants: New Photographs by Jane Kramer

Handmade paper art from plants, Jane Kramer

Jane Kramer, Foreshadowing – Endangered and Threatened Plant Species, Long-bracted spiderwort on phragmites

As an art medium, hand papermaking has an incredible potential to speak meaningfully about the environment. One artist you should know is Jane Kramer, who has focused on invasive and native plant species by combining handmade papers with alternative process photography.

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Take a Look: Paper Pulp Woodblock Prints by Artist Josh Monroe

Josh Monroe, artist, paper pulp woodblock prints

Josh Monroe, Staccato Prints: Green/Blue Woodblock and handmade paper, 3.5″ by 3.5″, 2015

It’s a wild, wide world of potential for hand papermaking, especially when paired with other art-making mediums. Paper pulp itself has a huge variety of capabilities, including a remarkable memory suited for casting.

Let’s take a quick look at work by Josh Monroe, an artist who combines printmaking (relief woodcuts) and papermaking.

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These Pulp Paintings! Interview with Artist Angie Shen

Angie Shen - Pulp Painting, Hand Papermaking Artist

Who knew that hand papermaking art could be so alive on the internet?

Angie Shen is an artist who works with ceramics, video, web art, installation, and, our favorite, papermaking. She studied papermaking and book arts in Southern California, and took the time to answer a few curious questions for Paperslurry.

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How Can Photography & Handmade Paper Intersect? Artist Interview with Lindsey Beal

Lindsey Beal, Flax Sculpture Handmade Paper, Venus Series

Lindsey Beal, The Venus Series: Figure #2, Ambrotype (wet plate collodion on black glass); 3.25″ x 4″; 2010

Hand papermaking’s versatility as an artistic medium makes it an area without defined edges. Combination with other art processes have only just begun being explored. Let’s look at how alternative, or historical, photographic processes and handmade paper can intersect.

Lindsey Beal is an artist, educator, and dear friend of mine, who generously answered a few questions about her work, experience, and thoughts on hand papermaking and photography.

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A Conversation with Papermaking Artist Susan Warner Keene

Susan Warner Keene - Hand Papermaking Artist, Handmade Paper Sculptural Artwork

Susan Warner Keene, Aqueous (detail), 2009; handmade flax paper, pigment, linen thread; 20 x 22 x 1.25 in./ 51 x 56 x 3 cm. Photo by Peter Newman.

Did you know that handmade paper art can be dimensional? 

Manipulating certain types of pulp fibers can be used to create textural, sculptural artwork; paper that transcends its familiar, utilitarian existence.

Sound interesting? Susan Warner Keene is an artist working in handmade paper that you should know.

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Woven Paper! Meet Aimee Lee, Handmade Paper Artist & Author

Aimee Lee - Hanji Papermaking Artist - Knitted Book

Aimee Lee, Nebraska

Hand papermaking is a craft at an interesting relationship with a world full of commoditization and fast-paced technologies. Are there artists that embrace handcrafts, promote a local or regional heritage, and whose work remains respectful to the environment?

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