Environmental Installations: Handmade Paper Art by Jane Ingram Allen

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When artists merge the medium of hand papermaking with other art movements, interesting and significant artworks can emerge. You many have already read about papermaking intersecting with performance art, printmaking, and historical process photography.

Well, how about handmade paper and site-specific art? Or paper art that addresses environmental issues, and welcomes participation?

Jane Ingram Allen is an artist, curator, educator, Fulbright scholar, and world-traveler whose work embodies all of the above. She uses local plants and natural materials to create handmade paper installations and sculptures that invite collaboration from the community and viewers.

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Kokedama in Your Landscape (Interactive Plant & Papermaking Installation by Artist Megan Singleton)

Hand Papermaking Art Installation - Megan Singleton

So you can make handmade paper from plants, but what about shining the spotlight on the plants themselves?

Kokedama in Your Landscape is an interactive art installation by artist Megan Singleton. It has been in New Orleans, Eastport Maine, St. Louis, and who knows where else it might travel!

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Sculpture, Installation & Making Paper by Hand: Art by Jocelyn Chateauvert

Jocelyn Chateauvert - Papermaking Artist

Jocelyn Chateauvert in her studio.

Did you know that handmade paper sheets in their wet, pressed state (before they’re finished and dried) can be manipulated into amazing sculptures? Jocelyn Chateauvert is a hand papermaking artist with an enviable talent for working with this unique art-making process.

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