A Dynamo of Papermaking: Studio Tour of the Morgan Conservatory

Morgan Conservatory Paper

Hand papermaking is certainly a strange duck. It’s simultaneously a tradition that is thousands of years old, yet artists today are just at the beginning of expanding creative papermaking techniques, and combining the medium with other art processes.

Well, who’s out there preserving tradition AND driving experimentation? A must-know organization is the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory & Educational Foundation, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Hold onto your seats, because we’re going on a virtual studio tour!

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Studio Tour: Longwood University Papermaking Studio

Papermaking Studio Longwood UniversityDid you know there is a sparkly new hand papermaking studio tucked away in the center of Virginia? Drive just an hour west from Richmond to Farmville, Virginia, and you’ll find Longwood University and the new Bedford Building. Though it houses studios for design, printmaking, ceramics and more, the focus here is on the papermaking studio created and directed by Kerri Cushman, professor and artist.

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